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Words to learn
lead time

1. assist v., to give help or support to

a. Bonnie hired a secretary to assist her with the many details of the event.

b. The hotel manager was able to assist us with some last-minute advice.

2. coordinate v., to adjust or arrange parts to work together

a. Benet tried to coordinate all departments to make sure the event ran smoothly.

b. The colors of the flowers were ordered to coordinate with the colors in the corporate logo.

3. dimension n., a measure of width, height, or length

a. What are the dimensions of the ballroom?

b. We need the dimensions of the meeting rooms before we can determine how many chairs each will hold.

4. exact adj., characterized by accurate measurements or inferences

a. We will need an exact head count by noon tomorrow.

b. The exact measurements of the room are unknown, but we can guess.

5. general adj., involving only the main features rather than precise details

a. We have a general idea of how many guests will attend.

b. In general, about half the guests will bring their spouses.

6. ideal adj., imaginary; existing as a perfect model

a. The ideal location for the concert would have plenty of parking.

b. Lucy had imagined the ideal setting for her wedding, so no site could live up to her expectations.

7. lead time n., the time between the initial stage of a project and the appearance of results

a. The lead time for reservations is unrealistic.

b. We will need to give the caterer enough lead time to cut the cake.

8. plan n., a scheme for making something happen; v., to formulate a scheme

a. The plan is to gather tomorrow to discuss the menu.

b. Planning their wedding was a source of tension for the young couple.

9. proximity n., the state, quality, sense, or fact of being near or next to; closeness

a. The fans were worried by the proximity of the storm clouds.

b. An important factor in selecting the site was its close proximity to a parking garage.

10. regulation n., rules, laws, or controls; v., to control

a. We followed all the state regulations for food safety.

b. The site staff closely regulates how many cars can be brought on the grounds.

11. site n., a place or setting

a. Once we saw the site, we knew it would be perfect for the event.

b. The on-site manager was most helpful.

12. stage v., to exhibit or present

a. The gazebo outside was the perfect location from which to stage the cutting of the cake.

b. A historic house can be the perfect site to stage a small reception

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