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Cooking as a Career


Words to learn
accustom to

1. accustom to v., to become familiar with, to become used to

a. Chefs must accustom themselves to working long hours.

b. Sean was not accustomed to eating spicy foods, but he was developing a taste for them.

2. apprentice n., a student worker in a chosen field

a. Instead of attending cooking school, Raul chose to work as an apprentice with an experienced chef.

b. The cooking school has an apprentice program that places students in restaurants to gain work experience.

3. culinary adj., relating to the kitchen or cooking

a. The chef was widely known for his culinary artistry.

b. His interest in culinary arts drew him to a commercial foods program.

4. demanding adj., requiring much effort or attention

a. Theodore was exhausted by his demanding job in the restaurant.

b. Paolo was able to handle multiple requests from demanding customers without becoming frantic.

5. draw v., to cause to come by attracting

a. We hope the new restaurant will draw other business to the area.

b. Matthew was drawn to a career in cooking.

6. incorporate v., to unite one thing with something else already in existence

a. Coca incorporated the patron's suggestions into her new menu.

b. Here are the fresh greens for you to incorporate into a salad.

7. influx n., a flowing in

a. An influx of new chefs is constantly needed to fill open jobs.

b. Due to the rise in popularity of cooking as a career, cooking schools report an influx of applications.

8. method n., a procedure

a. Gloria perfected a simple method for making croissants.

b. Many chefs borrow cooking methods from a variety of cultures and incorporate them into their cooking style.

9. outlet n., a means of release or gratification, as for energies, drives, or desires

a. Even before he became a professional baker, Jacob used baking as an outlet for frustration.

b. Many people find cooking to be a hands-on outlet for their creativity.

10. profession n., an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study

a. Cooking is considered as much a profession as is law or medicine.

b. Lulu took up cooking as her profession and is very happy with her decision.

11. relinquish v., to let go; to surrender

a. People find it hard to relinquish their accustomed food preferences and try something new.

b. After Claude married Kiki, he had to relinquish his exclusive hold on the kitchen and team to oharo the joys of cooking.

12. theme n., an implicit or recurrent idea; a motif

a. The caterers prepared food for a party with a tropical island theme.

b. The restaurant's food and decor demonstrated its southwestern theme

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