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Ordering Lunch


Words to learn
fall to
pick up

1. burdensome adj., of or like a burden; onerous

a. The secretary found her tedious assignments burdensome.

b. The burdensome load made the deliveryman's back ache.

2. common adj., widespread, frequent, usual

a. It is common for the office manager to be designated to order lunch for business meetings.

b. The sandwich choices were quite common turkey, ham, and beef.

3. delivery n., the act of conveying or delivering

a. The caterer hired a courier to deliver the package.

b. The restaurant is reluctant to make deliveries, but makes an exception for our office.

4. elegant adj., exhibiting refined, tasteful beauty

a. It's important that the meal be elegant.

b. The lunch we ordered was not elegant, but it was hearty.

5. fall to v., to become one's responsibility

a. The task of preparing the meal fell to the assistant chef when the chief chef was ill.

b. The menu was in French, so ordering for us fell to Monique, who spoke French.

6. impress v., to affect strongly, often favorably

a. I was impressed with how quickly they delivered our lunch.

b. If you want to impress the new staff member, order her a nice lunch.

7. individual adj., by or for one person; special; particular

a. We had the delivery man mark the contents of each individual order.

b. The jaunty whistle of the delivery woman marked her individual style.

8. list n., a series of names, words, or other items; v., to make a list

a. The office manager compiled a list of everyone's order.

b. The phone book lists all the restaurants in this area that deliver.

9. multiple adj., having, relating to, or consisting of more than one part

a. The delivery person was not able to keep track of the multiple order, causing a food mix-up.

b. It takes multiple steps to get into this building, which frustrates all our employees.

10. narrow v., to limit or restrict; adj., limited

a. Etseko narrowed the restaurant possibilities down to three.

b. The restaurant has a narrow range of choice, but can offer fast delivery.

11. pick up v., to take on passengers or freight

a. The delivery man picks up lunch orders on his motor scooter.

b. If you ask me nicely, I will pick up the order on my way home.

12. settle v., to make compensation for, to pay; to choose

a. We settled the bill with the cashier.

b. After much debate, we finally settled on the bistro on the corner.

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