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Words to learn

1. basic adj., serving as a starting point or basis

a. The new restaurant offers a very basic menu.

b. The restaurant manager ordered enough basic supplies to get through the first month.

2. complete adj., having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps

a. The new restaurant offers a complete menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

b. The tasty dessert was the perfect completion to the meal.

3. excite v., to arouse an emotion

a. Exotic flavors always excite me.

b. I get excited when I try a new restaurant.

4. flavor n., a distinctive taste

a. Fusion cooking is distinguished by an interesting mix of flavors.

b. The cook changed the flavor of the soup with a unique blend of herbs.

5. forget v., to be unable to remember

a. The waiter forgot to bring the rolls, annoying the customer.

b. Don't forget to tell your friends what a great meal you had tonight.

6. ingredient n., an element in a mixture

a. The chef went to the farmer's market to select the freshest ingredients for tonight's menu.

b. I was unfamiliar with some of the ingredients in the dish.

7. judge v., to form an opinion

a. Hector was not familiar with Asian cooking, so he was unable to judge if the noodles were cooked correctly.

b. The restaurant review harshly judged the quality of the service.

8. mix-up n., a confusion; v., (mix up) to confuse

a. There was a mix-up in the kitchen so your order will be delayed.

b. The amateur chef mixed up the ingredients and ruined the dish.

9. patron n., a customer, especially a regular customer

a. Once the word was out about the new chef, patrons lined up to get in to the restaurant.

b. I used to patronize the restaurant until the management changed.

10. predict v., to state, teli about, or make known in advance

a. I predicted this restaurant would become popular and I was right.

b. Kona was unable to predict what time Andy, who is always late, would show up at the restaurant.

11. random adj., having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective

a. We made random selections from the menu.

b. We asked the waiter to bring us several appetizers, letting him choose them at random.

12. remind v., to cause to remember

a. Ms. Smith was annoyed at having to remind the waitress to bring the check.

b. I left the client a reminder that we are meeting for dinner tomorrow evening.

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