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Selecting a Restaurant


Words to learn

1. appeal adj., to be attractive or interesting

a. The colorful vegetable made the dish look appealing.

b. Eating at the new restaurant appealed to everyone in the group.

2. arrive v., to reach a destination

a. By the time our meal arrived, it was cold.

b. Frank arrived at the restaurant only minutes after Claudia left.

3. compromise n., a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions

a. The couple made a compromise and ordered food for take out.

b. Will leaving out the green peppers compromise the taste of this dish?

4. daring adj., to have the courage required

a. Kobi had more daring tastes than the rest of his family.

b. Ordering the raw squid seemed quite a daring thing to do.

5. familiar adj., often encountered or seen; common

a. It's nice to see some familiar items on the menu.

b. The chef blends the familiar tastes with the unusual.

6. guide n., one who leads, directs, or gives advice

a. The guide led our tour group to a small restaurant only known to the locals.

b. I don't know where to go, so why don't we consult the guidebook.

7. majority n., the greater number or part

a. The majority of the group wanted to try the new Chinese restaurant.

b. Claude was in the majority, so he was very pleased with the decision.

8. mix v., to combine or blend into one mass; n., a combination

a. The daring chef mixed two uncommon ingredients.

b. The mix of bright colors on the plate was very pleasing.

9. rely v., to have confidence in; to depend on

a. I have always relied on the restaurant advice this guidebook gives.

b. I seldom rely on the restaurant reviews in the paper when choosing a restaurant.

10. secure v., to get possession of; to obtain

a. Despite the popularity of the restaurant, Max was able to secure reservations for this evening.

b. The hostess secured us another chair, so we could eat together

11. subjective adj., particular to a given person; highly personal; not objective

a. Food preferences are subjective and not everyone agrees on what tastes good.

b. The reviews in this guidebook are highly subjective, but fun to read.

12. suggest v., to offer for consideration or action

a. Can I make a suggestion about what to order?

b. I suggest you think about the specials, since they are very good today.

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