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Expressions of Purpose, Reason and Result-Beginner


You will often need to use purpose, reason and result expressions in your written and spoken work. There are many ways to express purpose, reason and result.


1.Purpose:We use to/in order to/ so as to/ (for sb) not to/ so that/....

Examples: We had a meeting today so as to discuss next year's programme.

                He did all he could for her not to worry.

                I moved to France so that I could improve my French.

                Everyone did their best in order to finish the work.

2.Reason: We use since/as/because/ owing to/ thanks to/due to/ because of/ as/ for/ seeing that/ ....

Examples: Since you don't believe me, I won't give evidence.

                Because of his lack of training he had difficulties finding a job.

                On account of the weather we didn't go for a walk.

                Billy was punished for lying to his teacher.

               Owing to the snow,the planes couldn't take off.

               As you are a foreigner you can't express your opinions on the situation in the area.

               Seeing that you aren't interested I' ll do it by myself.

3.Result: We use so/ therefore/ as a result/ consequently/ as a consequence/ ....

Examples: He missed the early train, as a result he was too late for the job interview.

                The result of his trial, therefore, could hardly have been other than a foregone conclusion.

                If he locked the door, then Kitty is trapped inside.


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